New Perspectives on Emancipatory & Radical Democratic Discourses

23rd25th September 2021
Bremen, Germany


The symposium will take place at the University of Bremen.

Venue for Day 1: Universität Bremen (University of Bremen) | Building: Geisteswissenschaften 1 (GW1) | Room: GW1 B0080 | Universitätsallee 1, 28359 Bremen.

Venue for Day 2 & 3: Universität Bremen (University of Bremen) | Building: Geisteswissenschaften 2 (GW2) | Room: GW2 B3009 | Universitäts-Boulevard 13, 28359 Bremen.

You can use this interactive website to plan your travel to Bremen (in German).

The COVID-19 pandemic is still heavily affecting the everyday (and university) life in Germany and many other parts of the world. We are monitoring the current developments closely and are in exchange with the authorities at the University of Bremen. We will make sure that you can participate in our symposium safely by maintaining the necessary distance, regular ventilation, and other protection measures. In the unlikely case that the legal situation does not allow events at the university, we will not postpone our symposium again. Instead, we will switch to an online event and adjust the programme to the digital format.

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