New Perspectives on Emancipatory & Radical Democratic Discourses

23rd25th September 2021
Bremen, Germany


The list of speakers is in alphabetical order.

Laura Álvarez Garro

Laura Álvarez Garro is Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Costa Rica. Her research interests include political theory, Lacanian psychoanalysis, and conceptual history.

Javier Burdman

Javier Burdman is Marie Curie Fellow at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Strasbourg and Associate Fellow at the Research Center “Normative Orders” at Goethe University Frankfurt. His current project examines a series of dialogues between French and German political theory around universalism, political conflict, and social critique.

Paula Diehl

Paula Diehl is Professor of Political Theory, History of Ideas, and Political Culture at Christian Albrechts University of Kiel. She has published widely on, among others, political representation, populism, fascism, and democracy theories.

Allan Dreyer Hansen

Allan Dreyer Hansen is Associated Professor at the Institute of Society and Business at Roskilde University. He has worked on Laclau and Mouffe’s discourse theory for an extended period of time and published widely on radical politics, populism, and the question of political ontology.

Óscar García Agustín

Óscar García Agustín is Associate Professor at the Department of Culture and Learning at Aalborg University. He has worked on social movements and political parties in Latin America and Europe. Most recently, he published “Solidarity and the ‘Refugee Crisis’ in Europe” (with Martin Bak Jørgensen) (2018) and “Left-Wing Populism: The Politics of the People” (2020).

Mareike Gebhardt

Mareike Gebhardt is a postdoc at the University of Münster. Her research and teaching concentrates on poststructuralist political theory, critical democratic theory, and feminist thinking. She has been recently working on constructions of otherness within EU migration discourse.

Paolo Gerbaudo

Paolo Gerbaudo is Reader in Digital Culture and Society at King’s College London. His research focuses on the transformation of politics in the digital era, in the context of social movements and political parties. Paolo Gerbaudo is the author of, among others, “Tweets and the Streets: Social Media and Contemporary Activism” (2012), “The Digital Party: Political Organisation and Online Democracy” (2019), and “The Great Recoil: Politics After Populism and Pandemic” (2021).



Jason Glynos

Jason Glynos is Professor of Political Theory and Co-director of the Centre for Ideology and Discourse Analysis at the University of Essex. His research is situated within the fields of post-structuralist political theory, psychoanalysis, and political economy. He is co-author (with David Howarth) of “Logics of Critical Explanation in Social and Political Theory” (2007).

Thomas Jacobs

Thomas Jacobs is a postdoc at the Centre for EU Studies at Ghent University. His research interests include international political economy, political communication, and political theory. Most of his work focuses on meaning-making, signification, and strategy in political praxis, departing from a discourse-theoretical perspective.

Seongcheol Kim

Seongcheol Kim is a postdoc at the University of Kassel. His research is centred on the application of post-foundational discourse theory for the study of party politics in a comparative European perspective, especially in relation to nationalism, populism, and radical democracy.

Friederike Landau-Donnelly

Friederike Landau-Donnelly is Assistant Professor for (Cultural) Geography at Radboud University. Her dissertation, “Agonistic Articulations in the Creative’ City – On New Actors and Activism in Berlin’s Cultural Politics” (2019) conceptualizes the articulatory practices of Berlin’s artist advocates.

Oliver Marchart

Oliver Marchart is Professor of Political Theory at the University of Vienna. He works in the fields of political theory, cultural theory, and aesthetics. His recent books include “Thinking Antagonism. Political Ontology after Laclau” (2018) and “Conflictual Aesthetics. Artistic Activism and the Public Sphere” (2019).

Martin Nonhoff

Martin Nonhoff is Professor of Political Theory at the University of Bremen. He has published extensively on discourse theory and the theory of hegemony, among them “Politischer Diskurs und Hegemonie” (2006) and “Hegemony Analysis: Theory, Methodology and Research Practice” (2019).

Emilia Palonen

Emilia Palonen is Senior Researcher in Political Science and the PI of the HEPPsinki research group at the University of Helsinki, where she has been teaching Ideology and Discourse Analysis since 2006. She has worked on several fields from cultural policy to politics and organisations and developed discourse theory in Hungary and in Finland.

Milos Rodatos

Milos Rodatos is a doctoral researcher at the Kaethe-Kluth junior research group “Political integration through conflict?” at the University of Greifswald. His research interests include theories of populism, radical democratic theory, representation theories, and poststructuralist approaches in social sciences.

Ines Schwerdtner

Inses Schwerdtner is a journalist. She is Editor-in-chief at Jacobin Magazin.

Yannis Stavrakakis

Yannis Stavrakakis is Professor of Political Science at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His research focuses on contemporary political theory, with emphasis on psychoanalytic and poststructuralist approaches. He has published extensively on populist politics and is the author of “Lacan and the Political” (1999) and “The Lacanian Left” (2007). 

Lasse Thomassen

Lasse Thomassen is Reader in the School of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary University of London and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow in the Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen. His research focuses on the category of representation, new forms of radical politics, and deconstruction. He is the author of “Deconstructing Habermas” (2007) and “British Multiculturalism and the Politics of Representation” (2017).

Simon Tunderman

Simon Tunderman is Lecturer at the Department of International Relations and International Organisation at the University of Groningen. His research is located at the intersection of post-Marxist theory and the critique of political economy, with a specific focus on Marxian value theory.

Manon Westphal

Manon Westphal is a postdoc in political theory at the Institute of Political Science at the University of Münster. Her research focuses on contemporary challenges to democracy, agonistic and realist political theory, and questions of institutional design.

Meyda Yeğenoğlu

Meyda Yeğenoğlu is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Social Research at Tampere University. She has published widely on postcolonialism, secularism and religion, nationalism, cosmopolitanism, globalization, and migrancy. She is the author of “Colonial Fantasies: Towards a Feminist Reading of Orientalism” (1998) and “Islam, Migrancy, and Hospitality in Europe” (2012).

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